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Here’s the dance to practice. How about ten minutes a day? Set a timer on your phone or a post it note. I will if you will! And you don’t have to be good at dancing, and you can do it sitting in a chair or lying in a bed or wherever – just DO IT! And then, when it’s safe to be together again, let’s come together and dance the steps together. Trafalgar Square, shopping centres, parks, beaches, school playgrounds, maybe? If you can’t make it in person, film it and send it to me and I’ll create a film of all of you taking part… no need to be perfect, dance like no one’s looking etc.
I’ll edit the piece when I can get my hands on Premier Pro but for now this version will do – ENJOY!

Tutorial March 2020

Soundtrack development for PROMISE (sample on previous journal post), which I am now planning to have on headphones in a dark space with my film (silent) for the piece projected all around, plus seats. A sample of the film is on the film page of this website. Looking at ways to create images as backdrops […]


As this project is rapidly turning into an amazing sound piece, I am hugely boosted by the positive and enthusiastic response from others who are offering to record stories for me to add; the art department, the theatre department, friends, family, are all joining in (and next I’ll hit social media if I need to.)  […]

Day one of the Corona virus

Unexpected time on my hands, so I’m getting to grips with the costumes for the two female performers: long sleeve plain shirts, grey waistcoats, a massive fishtail, hooped, tulle skirt, and now I’m making an Edwardian lace collar, probably out of one of the lace table cloths which I used in my recent installation for […]

PROMISE performance progress

I’ve been slogging away on both campuses, using editing software, and at last the Audacity software which I can edit with at home – such a luxury!  Dan, the wonderful IT man, continues to teach me new and wonderful Adobe Premier Pro tricks as I develop the film as a backdrop for PROMISE. Then I […]

Not Just Me Then!

Sing a song of sex work – why no one needs a Pretty Woman musical By Suzanne Moore The sanitisation of sex work and the view of women as commodities was deemed acceptable in the 1990s, but it does not deserve a retread Tue 11 Feb 2020 08.00 GMT Sanitising sex work … Richard Gere and Julia […]

work in progress May 19

I am currently editing three short film essays, occupying the recording suite on campus  as often as possible. I am also preparing for my next two performances by researching and making icons of people close to me, people in the news, and people and objects in our every day lives.  Using digital drawing and photoshop […]

The Secret

This was a painting which I finished and sold a few years ago.  I like the static nature of the three girls, and the almost. fresco-style of the paint and colours.  Now that I am researching the idea of icons as representations of modern day values, I find this composition fits with this concept.  Having […]