Immersive Theatre at its most terrifying!  Brilliant though, and really thought-provoking.  I had to make a decision about an issue during the event, and now find that in fact I feel I made the wrong  decision – I was SO sure at the time though.  Interesting.  And the thoughts linger, and the rights and wrongs of decisions which affect other people have been going through my mind all day.

This show started when I first booked the ticket, in January, as the mystery and the excitement start; I have no way of knowing what will happen, although the fact that the ticket office was at The Southbank Centre gives it some validity I suppose.  Then, the emails and texts came checking that I had provided the correct phone number, and telling me to make sure my phone is fully-charged on the day.  The night before the show another message arrived, and my butterflies starting flapping around, big time.

What happened? Not telling.  What was the acting like?  Amazing.  Was I safe?  I think so.  Would I recommend it? YES, YES, YES.

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