St. Paul’s Cathedral organ

An organ recital tonight (2nd May 19) in St. Paul’s Cathedral; Bine Bryndorf was our performer, so while hoping for moments of extremely loud organ noises I found myself gazing at all the iconography and religious imagery and religious props.  I sort of missed the experience all this manages to create (from childhood): the dimmed lighting, the chanting with echoes following on, the routine and ritual, the knowing what to say or do next; the comfort of being part of the ceremony, the “Amens”, the hymns.  And then the finale: two heart-stoppingly intense discorded notes thumped down on the pedals: my chest cavity vibrated, and my feet felt vibration through the floor.  At last!

So thoughts are even more turning towards ritual and iconography; why shouldn’t non-believers have their own way of capturing these unearthly experiences?


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